About Us

What is USD-X ?

USD-X is an online e-currency exchange focussed on trading the leading crypto currencies while implementing a full scale KYC/AML regulated exchange in which fair and honest trade is being conducted free of manipulation and ilegal conduct.

Our mission is to become the leading crypto currency exchange for the leading crypto currencies traded worldwide.

Our priorities are as follows:

  • Security

  • Fully compliant KYC/AML exchange

  • Security

  • Customer Support

  • Ease of use

  • Long term support for leading currencies

  • Currency related asset markets

  • Constant development and innovation


USD-X is a regulated exchange that fully implements AML/KYC (Anti Money Laundering / Know Your Customer) regulations and therefore full identification is required to trade.

Manipulation is prohibited and will lead to immediate and permanent suspension.

There are 3 levels of accounts:

Level 1:
Requirements - Verify Email Address
Buying - N/A
Selling N/A

Level 2:
Requirements - Provide Name, Address & Verify Phone Number
Buying - Unlimited
Selling - N/A

Level 3:
Requirements - Verify ID, Bank Account, Credit Card, Physical Address
Buying - Unlimited
Selling - Credit Limit

USD Markets
Code Last Price Change
DMC 1.00007000 - DynamicCoin
BTC 9666.92887752 - Bitcoin
EMC 1.22211000 - Emercoin
PPC 1.85040000 - Peercoin
DASH 367.07500000 - Dash
ZEC 271.93900000 - Zcash
DOGE 0.00207920 - Dogecoin
LTC 62.01700000 - Litecoin
ETC 15.69480000 - Ethereum Classic
ETH 162.50581352 - Ethereum
BCH 292.57633860 - BitcoinCash